5 arrested in Hong Kong over Southeast Asia job scams


Though several local suspects have been arrested for setting up job scams and trafficking victims to Southeast Asia, Hong Kong laws are insufficient to tackle such scams. – AFP pic, August 21, 2022.

FIVE Hong Kongers have been arrested for allegedly setting up job scams in which victims were lured to Southeast Asia and then held against their will, police announced today.




In recent months, victims have reported travelling to countries such as Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos on false promises of romance or high-paying jobs, and then being detained and forced to work.


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  • 为了解决相关问题,海底捞在关店同时提出“啄木鸟”计划以期改善管理问题,由海底捞执行董事兼副首席执行官杨利娟负责。据了解,“啄木鸟”计划核心措施包括:持续关注经营业绩不佳的门店,包括海外门店,并采取果断措施;重建并强化部分职能部门,并恢复大区管理体系。我明天还来!